Welcome to Alexandra Secondary College

We wish to welcome you to Alexandra Secondary College and to thank you for trusting us to teach your child.
We are very proud of Alexandra Secondary College because we:

  • are part of a small community and we care about and understand your child’s needs
  • value the special individual strengths and talents that every student, parent and member of staff brings to our educational community
  • cater for the needs and aspirations of each student by offering a wide range of curriculum choices and extra curriculum activities
  • provide each student with a structured and supported pathway which leads to successful study, employment or training choices

We look forward to continuing to work with you, your child and our community to create the best possible outcomes for your child’s future.


Using our e-Platform, ‘Sentral’ is an excellent way to view information about how your student is progressing at school. Staff use it on a daily basis to update how students are tracking, both behaviourally and academically. It also contains other essential information such as timetables, upcoming events and much more. If you haven’t already logged on, or if you have lost your password, please check out the link below, which will take you through a self explanatory tutorial video. Be patient in watching the video, as it does progress slowly.