International Program: Japan

Alexandra Secondary College’s international programs are based on valuing cultural diversity, recognising, using and developing language skills and cultural understandings, whilst meaningfully gaining first-hand experience on how to participate in the global community.

International Tour

Alexandra Secondary College provides opportunities for Years 9-11 Japanese students, to attend language and culture international tour. Students must be studying or have previously studied the given language in junior levels at the College, to be eligible to participate. These tours are offered biennially, on alternate years to the Homestay Program. They provide unique experiences which provide lifelong memories, of living and learning in another country.
The Japan Tour traditionally runs for 16 days and typically visits Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. Enquiries may be directed to Jacki Tossol.

Homestay Program

Homestay Program is a significant highlight for our school community, enriched all the more by some unique cultural performances from our guests. Lasting friendships between staff, students and the wider school community have become a truly special benefit from these occurrences, over the years.

Japanese Homestay

In August, 2018 we were delighted to welcome 20 students from Nakone for a week-long homestay visit. The visiting students came from various schools within Nakone City, and were sponsored by their city council with the hope of building English capacity in their city’s young citizens. The program was so successful that Nakone City Council has requested approval to send Japanese students to us for the next three years! During their week with us, the students visited our Japanese classes, enabling our own students to practise their Japanese language speaking. They learnt to cook pizza with Ms Mook, participated in Art and PE classes, cross country skied at Lake Mountain and visited Japanese classes at both Alexandra and St Mary’s Primary Schools, where the children were delighted to be able to introduce themselves in Japanese to our visitors.

Japanese Homestay occurs on an ‘on-demand’ basis, and is dependent on expressions of interest from city councils and individual schools in Japan