Alexandra SC logo

Alexandra Secondary

Alexandra Secondary College Uniform

All Students

Polo Shirts - regulation white with green panel & school logo
White Shirt- full button, long or short sleeved with school logo
Knitted Jumper- bottle green with school logo
Black Soft Shell Jacket or Vest with school logo
Shoes - totally black shoes, no patterns - including black laces

Boys Uniform:

Pants - Surrey 205/207’s, Surrey 201’s, Surrey 602’s or Surrey 522’s
Shorts - Grey Surrey 603’s
Socks - white or grey socks

Girls Uniform:

School Dress
Shorts - Black Scags
Kilt - green school kilt
Pants - Face-off Black styles FP0224 or FP0277 or stubbies style SDP1310 or Midford Black

Physical Education Uniform:

Polo shirt - gold with bottle green panel & school logo
Plain black shorts, bicycle pants, or rugby shorts
Plain black tracksuit pants
White socks

Staying Warm:

Students can wear a long sleeved plain white, grey or black skivvy/shirt under their College T-Shirt.
Students can wear any layer under their uniform that we cannot see, eg thermals.
Students may also wear gloves, hats and scarves of their choice outside of class.

Special Uniform:

VCE students are allowed to wear a College rugby jumper
Year 12 students may wear a Year 12 polo shirt
Alice Sloan girls may wear their Alice Sloan vest