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Phil Weeks

The Chaplain at Alexandra SC is funded through the Federal National School Chaplain and Student Welfare Program. Phil Weeks works with us for 2 days a week and supports students, staff and families in their wellbeing and education. Participation in any part of the services offered by the Chaplin are voluntary.

Phil participates in a range of programs to build relationships with the students and provide pastoral care. An example of this is our Boys Evolve program with a group of Year 8 - 10 students who were working to increase their confidence, leadership and teamwork skills. He also assists staff and students in a range of classes and, as a part of the Welfare team, is available to chat with students, staff and parents if they request some one-on-one support. Phil is a part of the Breakfast Club team, and liaises with Rotary Alexandra to provide a nutritional breakfast for our students. This is also a meeting point where students can chat with staff and start their day off in a positive frame of mind.

Since joining us in 2009, Phil has made a very positive contribution to our school community. If you would like some support from Phil, please contact him on 5770 2012 to discuss how he can assist, and to organise a consent form. If anyone would like further information about the School Chaplaincy program, or would like to provide feedback about services received through the Chaplaincy program, please contact the Principal, Andy Johnston.