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Snow Sports

For information on the Snow Sports program please read ASC 2016 Snow Sports Program

'Young Men, Old Mountains'

The Outdoor Education Group believe that young men in modern communities need to be given opportunities to test themselves, to take risks in a supported environment, to be physically and emotionally challenged and have their reflection on these challenges facilitated and rewarded. They need to feel the sense of achievement that comes with voluntarily attempting something difficult. They need to feel they have earned the right to start thinking more positively about themselves as they mature. OEG has therefore developed the 'Young Men, Old Mountains program'.

Senior Young Men, Old Mountains Expedition is a ten day journey for up to ten boys from Year 10. The Journey will be in the Mt Stirling/Mt Howitt region of the Alpine National Park. Sections of the Great Alpine Walking Track (around Mt Speculation and Mt Howitt) and the purpose built Mountain Bike trails on Mt Stirling are utilised. This region provides the perfect environment to challenge and inspire young men. They will experience hiking and cycling in some of the most stunning topography the Victorian High Country has to offer.

This expedition will take place in the 2016 April school holidays. What is normally a $2000 per person cost to participate, it is only costing our boys $350, thanks to the generous support of the 'Alice Sloan' trust, OEG, Rotary and the College. For further information, please contact Nigel Lyttle.

The Outdoor Education Group

The ‘Building a Culture of Success’ (B.C.S.) Camp

The B.C.S. camp was first offered in 2011 and is scheduled biannually. The camp focuses on a programme aimed at building: self-confidence, self-worth, resilience and leadership. In addition, it reinforces student and College values. This camp is of one week in duration and is open to students in years 9, 10 and 11 who have displayed qualities and values that align with those of the college and our community. In 2011 the B.C.S. camp was held at ‘The Summit’ in Gippsland. Enquiries may be directed to Mrs Tossol at the college.

Ski Program

During term three, Alexandra Secondary College students have the opportunity to be involved in the A.S.C. Winter Sports Program.

Our College is within easy travel of Alpine areas, enabling us to take advantage of this. This extracurricular program is designed to extend students experiences outside the class room in areas such as physical education, geography and environmental studies.

Students also have the opportunity to develop their own personal growth in areas such as leadership, self reliance and independence, mentoring, team work and shared experiences with a mixed age group. The focus this year is on developing ski and race skills in each of the disciplines.

Many students both past and present, have used the skills developed in the winter program to purse social, sporting and recreational opportunities outside school.

Three different disciplines of winter sports are available to students to experience:

  • Nordic skiing,
  • Alpine skiing,
  • Snowboarding.


The college supports the four college captains to develop their leadership skills by sponsoring their participation in the annual yLead - Melbourne Australian Students Leadership Conference, which is held at Monash University in January of each year. From 2013 the SRC will sponsor the SRC President to also take part in this yLead conference.

The key outcomes of yLead are for the participating students to:

  • Understand that leadership has nothing to do with titles or badges, but everything to do with what they do.
  • Discover the power of their group to be a high quality leadership team - it is much more powerful than they know, provided specific qualities exist within them.
  • Learn how to create positive momentum in their leadership group and how to maintain it.

School for Student Leadership (SSL)

The SSL program is an initiative of the Department of Education and Training. The program provides an alternative to traditional schooling and specifically targets Year 9 students studying in Victorian government secondary schools. The key aim of the program is to provide safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences which facilitate the practical application of knowledge gained from Thinking and Learning, Peer Skills, and Leadership and Teamwork classes. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning with projects sourced from the students' home regions.

Typically, a team of six students, three boys and two girls, are selected to live for nine weeks at one of the three SSL campuses. These campuses include: The Alpine School located at Dinner Plain, the Snowy River Campus located near Marlo in East Gippsland and the Gnurad-Gundij campus located in western Victoria. Applications open in Term 2 of the year before the program runs. All Year 8 students receive information relating to the application and selection process and are then invited to apply for the available positions. Specific details of this program can be found online whilst questions of a more general nature can be directed to Mrs. Tossol at the College.

Peer Support

Our current Year 9 students will have the opportunity to nominate to become peer support leaders in 2012. They will undergo the training associated with running the program and will assist with certain transition activities. These students will participate in education on how to be effective and supportive mentors for Year 7 students.

As Year 10 students, they will work with small groups of Year 7 students during Term 1 next year. The mentors will run “getting to know you” activities that will begin the process of creating strong, trusting and supportive relationships with the younger students.